What’s the Difference Between Protein Sources? The FACT’S ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Quality, quality and quality. The chart (Swipe 👈) illustrates the Amino Acid Utilization (AAU™) that PerfectAmino offers, dramatically greater than dietary protein sources? * At the low end of the spectrum are branched chain amino acids – only 1% of their content is utilized by the body with 99% resulting in waste that your body must then process and eliminate. * Whey and soy proteins – only 18% or less of their content is utilized by the body with 83% leaving as waste. * Food like meat, fish and poultry fare a bit better with 32% being absorbed and 68% being wasted. * Eggs are the winners in the food stakes with 48% being utilized and 52% converted to waste. 🙌 Now compare those numbers to PerfectAmino – a massive 99% is put to work by the body, with only 1% leaving as waste. Not only that, but”Perfect Amino” from FX is absorbed by the body within 23 minutes! And there is only 0.4 of a calorie per tablet 👏👏👏👏👏 Finally #perfectamino Is designed by a medical doctor and 42 time full ironman finished Dr David Minkoff #triathlete #triathletes #triathletegirl #triathleteslife #triathletesrock #triathletesofinsta #ironmantriathlon #ironman #ironmantraining #triathlon_in_the_world #triathlongram #triathloncoaching #triathlon_world #triathlonlifestyle #triathlonireland #ironmanhawaii #kona #ironmanireland

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