Back Status Update: L5 S1 disc tear, kyphosis & non-activated glutes all contributing to spasms across back and around core. It's taken more than 3 months, non-stop tests, and seeing and consulting with more medical professionals than I can count. But I have a plan now and can see a path forward. For that at least, I'm grateful. The frustration, fear, and loss of identity we feel as endurance athletes during severe injury is all too real - I know many of you have gone through this too. The process of recovery is long and it will be filled with self-doubt often and success sometimes. For now, thankful for the few times a week I can withstand a cycling session on the road bike, and really appreciate the messages of support from all you athletes and friends! #backinjuriessuck #inneedof #mondaymotivation #speedsherpanation . . . . . . . #NuunElite #triathlon #triathlete  #triathloncoach #triathlonclub   #trilife #tritraining #triathlontraining #triathlonlife



  • @carainitalia 4 days ago

    Glad you have a diagnosis and a plan. 💪🏻

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @noelmulkey thanks for checking in. No, all events are on hold until I can put on pants and pick up my son without severe pain. I will really miss this chance to meet up with you man!

  • @crandle_randle 4 days ago

    You'll be back in no time! ❤️

  • @allyoshea 4 days ago

    Stay strong. You will and can overcome ❤️

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @iron_katja looking forward to finding some tenacity again at some point this year. Thanks Katja.

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @bockeylife thanks for the support, Julie.

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @carainitalia thanks, Cara, really appreciate the good vibes.

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @crandle_randle thanks man. Hope we get to race together at some point this year

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @allyoshea appreciate that so much, Ally. Dream would be to see you at ETC.

  • @bockeylife 4 days ago

    @speedsherpa sometimes they are ‘quickies’ 😏... right @bettygirl2016 ( 🥦)... but I read it and want to let my IG’ buds know 🙋🏼‍♀️🥰

  • @marcrever 4 days ago


  • @jdel_trirunner 4 days ago

    🙏🏼Praying for continued answers and recovery. My husband was recently in a car accident suffering disc herniation. He hasn’t been able to train. Back injuries are beyond frustrating and so unbelievably painful.

  • @project_tim2.0 4 days ago


  • @kelseyabbottcpc 4 days ago

    Hooray for answers and a plan! And I got you.

  • 4 days ago

    What a relief to finally have some answers!! Moving forward with a plan now is positive 🙏

  • @takilajones 4 days ago

    @speedsherpa I am so sorry to hear. But glad you have a plan. Continued prayers as you move on your path to recovery!!!

  • @kwtris 4 days ago

    Good news! A diagnosis with a plan! We’re all pulling for a speedy recovery Coach! 💪🏽💙

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @marcrever thanks🙌

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @jdel_trirunner oh Jen I'm very sorry to hear this. Yes back injuries are so intense and they really impact so much of your everyday life beyond endurance training. Sending healing vibes your way too.

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @project_tim2.0 🙌🙌

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @takilajones really appreciate each positive thought. Thank you.

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @kelseyabbottcpc know you do, Kelsey. Thank you very much.

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago it feels like a small step forward in this long, intense process. But still moving forward is something!

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @kwtris I know you are, Kim, and I am very grateful for the support! Hi to you guys this morning!!

  • @runninglifter 4 days ago

    It's great to hear that you now know what's going on and what you have to do about it @speedsherpa and just like a "dark" moment in a race when one feels overwhelmed, it's best to focus on what must be done in the current moment instead of thinking about how far away the finish line is. You have everything you need mentally and physically to comeback as strong and fast as ever, and I believe in you brother!

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @runninglifter this message really made my morning. Thanks Mike. I hope everything you wrote is true!!

  • @allyoshea 4 days ago

    @speedsherpa i won’t be racing at ETC but i will be there though😊. I have to be careful on the sand. I’m doing AC! 😊

  • @speedsherpa 4 days ago

    @allyoshea AC Tri or AC 70.3?! And a bunch of our team members are doing ETC, Sara will be there cheering as well!

  • @allyoshea 4 days ago

    @speedsherpa AC Tri. Slow and steady start back distance wise lol! ETC is a great time!

  • @4corefit 4 days ago

    Oh man! Happy you know what is going on so you can combat it! Good luck in the recovery process! You got this! I am cheering you on!!

  • @rymo2300 4 days ago

    You are a beast. Stay tough, resilient, and smart about getting healthy. You will be top form (and hungry) soon Dave!

  • @reactionnz 4 days ago

    Smooth roller 👌🏼

  • @bettygirl2016 4 days ago

    Ohhhh Dave, thinking of you...your a toughAF athlete you’ll be back better then new!!!!!

  • @mytrinurselife 4 days ago


  • @maxmark 4 days ago

    Nice 😉

  • @tcar4lsu 4 days ago

    One day at a time, you’ll heal. I always had to “find the fun”, do SOMETHING to stay active, even learned to paint. You, we, are so much MORE than endurance athletes, and can turn our mental endurance to the spiritual journey, explore other avenues of fulfillment when the body says, “not today”. It’ll come, just say kind things to yourself. You got this!💪🏻🙏🏻😘

  • @tri4success 4 days ago

    Life finds ways to challenge us... and as something you would tell us; sometimes you have to slow down or go short, to eventually be able to go faster or longer... you know yo got this coach #exhaledoubt #inhaleconfidence #speedsherpa

  • @hollytriz 4 days ago

    I know the frustration, struggle, and fear all too well! I’m so glad that you’ve started to find answers and have a path forward!

  • @lesneff 3 days ago

    #truth hoping this step will allow the recovery to take place!

  • @veggiefitrunchick yesterday

    During injuries I find a loss of identity to be the hardest struggle. I’m so sorry about what you’re going through. Enjoy doing what you can and keep a good mental attitude! You’ll get back soon 💪💪💪enough!